“2 A’s & R” (Ask, Advise and Refer)

Tobacco Cessation & Prevention

Bartow Against Drugs plans to educate and warn youth about the consequences of 1st and 2nd hand smoke; and, to educate adults and provide them with information on cessation programs available within the county.

Our plan is to address a varied population within our target community of Bartow County, as follows:

  • Screening & Assessment via the “2 A’s & R” (Ask, Advise and Refer) program to all adults with children in the CHINS (Children in Need of Services) Court through the Juvenile Court “SKORE” program. We will record information of the parents who report using tobacco and then provide them with the Quit Line information.
  • Promote the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line via our Text Back campaign, blog and social media to over 2000 Bartow County youth.
  • Participate and promote the Great American Smoke Out and Kick Butts campaigns via our various social media programs (instagram, facebook, pinterest) (adult & youth).